Email Marketing Strategy: How to Get Started With Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy: How to Get Started With Email Marketing

Email marketing might not be new, but it’s still effective. It is the most direct and powerful way of connecting your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers.

While planning a marketing campaign email strategy is not always a marketer’s first choice, but it’s powerful enough to be a major part of a marketing strategy.

Wondering If email marketing strategy works? Yes, it does if you successfully figure out how to grab your audience attention as around 265 billion emails sent each day.

But, on the other side, we know how difficult it is to define an email marketing strategy, and the amount of hard work that it requires to stick to it.

The knot here is that people are confused about the difference between ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’. It’s necessary not to get confused with these two. Have a quick look at both:

Strategy – Why, What, and Where of an email campaign

Tactic – How of the email campaign

Hope it’s clear now.

In a hurry?

Well, then go through this quick checklist:

For deep insights keep reading.

Let’s start with the basics

What Is Email Marketing? 


Email marketing is a way to reach your audience through direct electronic mail. A successful email campaign is the one that convinces your recipients to engage with your business, take action and eventually help you to get more leads and sales.

The major advantage is that people still use email on a much wider scale. Roughly 90% of adults and 75% of teenagers check their email regularly.

This shows that email marketing is the perfect tool for building customer relationships and boost your lead and sales funnel.

All you need to turn your goal to add value and convince a consumer to proceed to further actions through the right incentive. However, email marketing has all the potential to be a fundamental part of a successful marketing strategy, if you will follow all the necessary steps while building a new email marketing plan.

The Lifecycle of Email Marketing

There is a complete journey of your customer – the steps they take to made till checkout point.

Lifecycle in email marketing is all about understanding and defining those steps. This will help you send emails to your customers at the most critical stage of his journey, then convince them to step forward towards the purchase event.

For instance, you might observe your shopper going through this lifecycles:

  1. Saw your ad

  2. Visit your store

  3. Browse products or services and leave

  4. Visit your store again, add the item to cart and leave

  5. Return the third time and made a purchase.

This could be one scenario, there are hundreds of customers holding hundreds of different lifecycles.

Your task is to nurture your visitors through email marketing and help them make buy decision way easier.

What is the right time to Send Emails? 

The moment your customer gives you their email address they expect you to email them instantly.

They want to hear from you.

Let’s consider some scenarios and discuss in detail about the email strategies that help.

1.When Customer visits your site for the first time:

How you’ll begin?

This is the time when you have the chance to build a relationship with your visitors. On the other side, most of us get disappointed when our first-time visitor doesn’t make any sale.

This is same as trying to propose for marriage on the very first date.
The simplest and the most effective trick is to nurture, nurture and nurture.

You can adopt storying telling and strong content nurture first-time visitors. A series of welcoming emails give you an opportunity to tell your story, point out how you are different, and explain why they should trust you.

2.When a visitor View your Products and LEAVE

At this point, you need to consider all those factors that might be holding your customer back. They are half-convinced all you need to give a little push by:

  • Offering a coupon, discount or free shipping

  • Spotlight the positive reviews of the customers

  • Convincing CTA

It will get more clear with these examples:

3.Cart Abandoned

They occur when a customer adds an item to their cart but leaves without making any purchase.

Cart abandonment really kills a business.

And you end up screaming – Shit! That was so close.

But, don’t worry, you can still get sales.

  • All your customer needs a reminder that they left the item behind.

  • Or, they not be feeling comfortable buying a product from a brand that is new to them.

Here you can convince them with good incentives like free gifts, discounts, shipping, etc.

Abandoned cart email campaigns are the most reliable email marketing form.


4.When your customer becomes a buyer

Let them know you appreciate their loyalty by noting milestones in your connection – like the first time they purchased from you.

  • You can ask them to share their views on your product

  • You can also put this ambitious customer to work for you

  • Use a referral and loyalty program to incentivize them to spread the word

  • You can also remind these buyers when it’s time to make another order with some urgency

Email Marketing Advantages:

While you are focusing to build an effective email campaign strategy that really caters your audience and business, you can reap some amazing benefits.

Less Expensive – In contrast to other marketing channels like paying ads, conducting an email marketing campaign is just one of the least expensive options.

Capture More Targeted Leads – Through email marketing, you can reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of high-quality leads just by clicking on the send button.

High Engagement – Especially when you send email to people who have willingly opted-in to your list, this is how you will be able to send emails to the people who are already interested in your brand. These are your GOLD leads that can easily be converted.

High Conversion Rate – Since your recipients ‘ are already interested, and you are (hopefully) sending them targeted messages and offers, they’re more inclined to create a purchase.

Effortlessly Track ROI – As soon as you know your KPIs and just how much you’ve invested in each part of your email advertising plan, it’s easy to connect different tactics and the profit earned.

Wrapping Up:

Email marketing is the best and fastest way for eCommerce stores to grow revenue and increase profits from their current traffic and customers.

It can be your highest ROI sales channel if implemented correctly

Yet too many eCommerce businesses still fail to launch engaging and successful email campaigns and instead bombard customers with ill-suited offers at the wrong time.