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WHAT IS Money Money Bar?

Money, Money Bar is a sticky app designed to boost your cart value and sales by promoting your free shipping offer. Through this app, you can encourage your store visitors to their cart until it reaches a certain amount, say $100, to get free shipping or special discount.

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Using our free app, you can encourage your store visitors to their cart until it reaches a certain amount, say $100, to get free shipping or special discount.

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Boost Your Avg. Order Value

Promote your free shipping and special discount offers to encourage visitors to add more products to their cart.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Optimize your conversion rate by creating and testing different cart-goal offers for different countries, pages, or even devices.

Reduce Checkout Friction

Help your customers complete their purchase in fewer steps by automatically applying their free shipping or discount code on checkout.

Free Shipping With Progressive Messaging
Using this app, you can display your free shipping offer using a sticky bar at top or bottom of your website. When your customers start adding products to their cart, the progressive messaging kicks in, indicating how much cart value needs to increase by to get free shipping.

Use Secondary Goal To Reward Big Spenders
This is an optional feature that you, as a store owner, can use to reward your big spenders. Using secondary goal, you can ask your visitors who met the primary cart-goal to add even more products to their cart to meet next cart-goal in exchange for an even bigger reward!

Reduce Checkout Friction
The app automatically adds free shipping or discount code for your store visitors when they are about to check out. This way, your customers don’t have to manually add their promo code to claim their reward, helping reduce frustration and checkout friction.

Geolocation Targeting
With geolocation targeting, you can create different free shipping offers for different countries such as “ free shipping over $50” for the United States and “ free shipping over $75” for Canada. This way, you can create offers which are more feasible as shipping costs might be different for different countries.

Advanced Display Rules
With our display rules, you can create different campaigns for specific products, collections or the entire website. You can also choose whether to display the free shipping bar at either the top or bottom of the page.

Templates For Holidays & Special Events
Money, Money Bar comes with well-designed and thought out templates that you can use to run special campaigns & drive more conversions.

I use the Promote free shipping Bar to announce all my Events and Sales! It is SUPER easy to use I highly recommend this to anyone with a Shopify site!

Amazing app! it has exactly what I was looking for and they offer an increase conversion. would defiantly recommend giving it a try.


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