How To Capture Email Leads Without Annoying Your Visitors

How To Capture Email Leads Without Annoying Your Visitors

Cold calling, spamming and in-face advertising are not just bad for your business, they are actually ANNOYING! So, how do you reach your audience without being invasive? Well, by simply deciding to give the opt-in form thumbs up!

In today’s digital world, leveraging the traffic that comes to your website is one of the biggest keys to business success. If you profit from hosting ads on your site, it’s especially vital to leverage the traffic that you work so hard to receive. 

About 98% of visitors to your site will leave without taking any action -

That indicated you’re pouring time and money into driving large number of traffic to your site but very few actively engage with your content. The more traffic you get to your site the better the engagement rates you receive, the more you will be charged for ad placements. 

So, how you can get more traffic and higher engagement plus higher ROI? 

Whether you are a big or small business owner, growing your email list is the solution to this dilemma. By email lead capturing you can stay in touch with them and nurture them, rolling them back into your site, and encouraging them to engage with your content. It’s quite hard to find new visitors for your site than to encourage existing visitors who already love your content to come back and read some more. 

Here are some best practices that help you capture leads without annoying your visitors. 

Ask for Email Politely 

Is it possible to create an email list without disturbing your visitors? Of course, it is. All you have to be a little careful to ensure that your practices don’t seem like a content barrier. 

Here are some ways you can capture leads effectively:

   1.Exit-intent Popups 

They are behaviorally triggered popups. They showed up when someone motions their mouse towards the corner of the screen as if they were going to exit the window.

The last chance to charm your visitors before they are gone. 

Exit-intent popups typically have outstanding outcomes when it comes to email lead capture, primarily when you offer an appealing reason to subscribe.

Here is a good example of an exit-intent popup - last-minute callback, offer, and an interactive CTA. 


   2. Gamification 

 Gamification is described as the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Marketers can use gamification to make ordinary calls-to-action more interesting and entertaining, so shoppers will actually engage with them. In this case, take something boring like an email capture pop-up or form and make it fun and exciting. Let’s continue with this example.


At first glance, this promotion seems like a fun game with a big potential prize of 50% off. High perceived value while being engaging and fun for your shoppers is critical. This is one promotion tactic to be careful with though, the biggest discount you display on the wheel should be one you are prepared to offer.

   3. Top Bar Opt-in 

These are the small strips on the top of the page asking users to subscribe. The benefit of the Opt-in bars is that it isn’t obtrusive, however, is that users might actually miss it, or may not feel the need to subscribe.

 4. Lightbox

Diverting your visitors could be another way of explaining the lightbox. The box popup appears on the screen darkening the text behind it if a user wishes to ignore it, they can click the cross sign on the screen and popup will vanish. 

Although some people find it intrusive, it is still highly effective in gaining subscribers. 



5. Slide-in box 

These types of popups slide in when the user is scrolling through your website. It is less intrusive than the lightbox but server for the same purpose. The benefit of it is that it can be timed such that it doesn’t affect visitor's flow.


These are some of the best practices that you can adopt to capture potential leads - in future those can be converted easily through nurturing. 

 Now before you start capturing leads, keep a few things in your mind. 

  6.Clear CTA

A successful lead capturing campaign must have an effective call to action. There are three main features to a CTA: 

  1. Placement
  2. Design
  3. Copy/Text.

Your pop-ups CTA should also be relevant to the specific page it is living on and of course to the person visiting that page. Most of your visitors will only take action if it’s relevant and likely to benefit them in some way.]

   7. Visually Appealing

  • The innovative popups designs encourage your visitors to signup. Your opt-in form should only have two to three fields and the colors should complement your brand. Depending on the brand, your image should be the lead magnet. While your popups are running make sure you do A/B split testing (test with images, change the color scheme,  shape of the CTA button, or add/delete fields) to figure out the best popup strategy.

    8. Timing is Everything 

    There are various types of popups to choose from: entrance, timed, scroll-activated, reader’s choice and exit intent. 

    Picking the right one for a specific page is key to grabbing the user’s attention and making sure they opts-in. Nobody wants to be interrupted by a popup while reading the blog post until or unless they have gone halfway through the content.

      9. Relevant offers 


    You must personalize your popup’s offer based on a specific page or visitor. Your offer can include a free download, resource, consultation, toolkit, discount, etc. People are more inclined to give you their valuable information like an email address in exchange for something beneficial to them. 

    Now it’s your job how attractively you sell the idea of subscribing to your email list and you’ll need a handsome lead magnet to do so.

    Wapping Up: 

    Your website is a magnificent place to focus your email list building efforts. With an attractive design and smart implementation, you can start capturing leads. 

    Pop-ups may look like a tiny piece of the marketing strategy, but they can actually be used to optimize your process. You don’t want to put all your time, sweat, and money into developing a marketing strategy just to see visitors leave your site without taking any action.

    Pop-ups fill the holes in your sales funnel, indicating that anyone you drive to your website has a much higher possibility of becoming your loyal customer. Nurturing your leads, once you have their email address, is the road to success.