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Ecommerce Business Mastery Certification

Most straightforward formula to set your own online business and dominate e-commerce.

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    6 HOURS
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At the start of the calendar year, over 600,000 e-commerce businesses start on their journey.

Nearly 80% of them fail to make it past two quarters.

The intent of starting a business and hoping it will make it big is not enough anymore.

For an e-commerce business to succeed, you need to have the right planning, right mechanics, and a solid strategy in place.

This course is all about helping you build an online business, create a name from your brand, and earn you the financial freedom you have always wanted.

My name is Tariq and I will help you learn the art of creating a business and make it profitable with the minimum effort possible.

With this course, you will learn how to create an identity for your business, promote your business and the different methodologies you can use build a strong community of your own followers.

The course will not only focus on education materials but also provide you with the tools and guidance you need.

We will be covering everything from laying down the foundations of a business and go through all of the steps necessary to get a business to not just operational capacity but also capable enough to make profits on its own.

Welcome to EBMC again and I look forward to seeing you in class!

Phase 1 - The Three M’s of Marketing

1 - Introduction and Overview
2 - Ecommerce Mindset
3 - Ecommerce Map
4 - Ecommerce Madness

Phase 2 - Branding, Innovation, and Offers

1 - Key Value Propositions and Offer Positioning
2 - Your Business Model
3 - Brand Meaning and Strategy
4 - Branding Visuals and Implementation

Phase 3 - The Ecommerce Ecosystem

1 - Choosing The Right Platform
2 - Lead Capturing
3 - Media Buying
4 - Community Building

Phase 4 - Marketing and Growth

1 - ABC Of Media Buying
2 - Non Media Buying Traffic
3 - Community and Brand Ambassadorship
4 - Key Takeaways

Tariq Khursheed is an entrepreneur, E-commerce is his passion and he has initiated and invested in dozens of e-com projects. Philanthropist and one of the best online business strategists around the world, Tariq khursheed has coached more than 100 businesses. Tariq has mastered the psychology of success and is considered one of the best business strategists around the globe.

Tariq has helped make over 2 billion US$ with his sales transaction experience and has a vast knowledge of what triggers a particular person. He has been modelled by some of the world’s top-most achievers and experts across a wide range of fields and disciplines.

Tariq uses his over 30 years of experience — and the skills he has gained from working with these legendary figures up close — to transform the lives of those who attend his Business Mastery course.


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