Core Ecommerce Facebook Media Buying Certification
Core Ecommerce Facebook Media Buying Certification
Core Ecommerce Facebook Media Buying Certification
Core Ecommerce Facebook Media Buying Certification

Core Ecommerce Facebook Media Buying Certification

Maximise your ROI from Facebook Ads by learning industry centric strategies and approaches from the pixel whisperer himself.

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  • No. Of Hours
    6 HOURS
  • No. Of Lessons
    16 LESSONS

Over 1.4 billion people use Facebook every day!

I think it will be safe to say that this might just be the biggest user database ever and it keeps getting bigger every day.

People literally find everything they’re looking for on Facebook.

From what is going on around the world to their favourite products.

I know what you’re thinking. So why not let your potential customers find you on Facebook too?

I thought the same thing when I started my Facebook journey.

In a time span of 60 days, I was able to generate over $3 million worth of sales.

My name is Thomas and I am here to spill the beans on the various strategies I used in this 7-hour course.

Through this course, you will be able to go from being a beginner in Facebook advertising to learning some of the most advanced tactics and strategies in play today in the current market.

The beauty of this course is that it has been designed for everybody.

Whether you have never seen an ad manager or have been running Facebooks ads for a while, this course is for everybody who wants to improve.

From initial testing to scaling, it’s all worth the time and effort.

Welcome to CEF-MBC again and I look forward to seeing you in class!

Phase 1 - Welcome to your Business Manager

1 - Core Introduction
2 - What is BM?
3 - Your Tunnel Vision - Major Elements
4 - Settings and Permissions

Phase 2 - Pixels, Tracking and Audience Principles

1 - Pixel Foundation and Creation
2 - The power of Events and Tracking
3 - Audience Overview and Types
4 - Pixel Best Practices

Phase 3 - The Value of your Ads Manager

1 - What and how of your Ads Manager
2 - Setting Campaign Objectives
3 - Implementing your Campaigns
4 - Best Practices

Phase 4 - Prospecting and Remarketing

1 - Prospecting Principles and Usage
2 - Catalog Setup
3 - Remarketing Foundations
4 - Success with best practices

Thomas Bartke, the data scientist master, has time working in his favor. With extensive marketing knowledge, he was able to generate 138 million impressions, and 61,969 orders, while scaling over $3 million through Facebook ads, all in 58 days.

Thomas entered the industry by chance which stems from his life long love for art, family, and the well being of others.

In order to challenge the status quo, and show the world that he is the best of the best, he has built everything from technologies, softwares, and anything to better the process of his Facebook domination.

His wide ranged career dispersed to projects, including the film industry as a music editor.

Mr. Bartke began his online marketing venture in 2013, with multiple breakthroughs throughout his career.

This creative serial entrepreneur has paved his way through the marketing industry with such innovations as Trackify, proving he not only the intelligence, but the passion to orchestrate your business to success.


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