Milk The Leads

Engage, reward & capture leads with gamification

WHAT IS milk the leads?

Leads are the lifeblood of any business and e-commerce is no different. What separates successful stores from unsuccessful ones is lead generation. If you are not capturing leads and nurturing them, you are leaving money on the table. Milk the Leads is a 3-in-1 lead generation platform that helps you engage, reward and convert your website traffic.

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Using our 7-day free trial, you can install the app on your Shopify store, create gorgeous pop-ups & quizez and see their impact on the conversion rate for your products. You won’t be charged anything if you uninstall the app before the free trial is over!

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​​Gamify Your Store

Use highly engaging games on your website to capture leads and reward them with special discounts!

Create Gorgeous Pop-ups

Capture leads and grows your subscriber list using our beautiful and easy to build pop-ups!

Generate Leads via Quizzes

Use quizzes to gather customer feedback, recommend the right products or generate leads!

Gamified Pop-ups
​Incorporate game elements on your store to significantly increase your revenue and conversion rate by engaging your website traffic and rewarding them with discount codes.

Lead Gen Pop-ups
Using our lead gen pop-ups, you can re-engage and convert visitors who are about to leave the website with an offer they can’t refuse! ​

Smart Quizzes
Redefine the buying experience with our smart quizzes. You can use these quizzes to gather data, help prospects find the right products, or generate leads.

Gorgeous Pop-up Template
Milk the Leads has lots of beautiful pre-made pop-up templates that you can just pick and publish. ​

Advanced Display Rules
You can create highly targeted pop-up campaigns for specific pages on your website by using our advanced display and placement rules. You can also define when the pop-up will show up.

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