problems with upselling

The Biggest Problem With Upsell, And How You Can Fix It

I have seen many marketers who think upselling is just a revenue-generating technique. At that point, they make a huge mistake. Now you have many questions in your mind. It's normal, I can explain.

According to my experiences, upselling to your customers doesn't mean you are just trying to get more dollars. When you are offering upsells to your customers, you are providing value to them. Even better, upselling can help you to build a fantastic relationship between you and your customers and boost customer loyalty.

Many marketers ignore their customer's problems. Customers don't want to buy another product. To fulfill their desires, those customers want you to fix their problems.

The following are the problems that your customers have when you are offering upsells, and you can solve those problems.

Let’s Start!

1.Unconfident and insecure customers:  

Problem: Some customers are not sure what to do. It's difficult for them to determine the difference between right and wrong. It's easier for them to freeze and do nothing. They will do exactly this if they are not appropriately handled. 

How to fix it: Educating them is the best way to counter their situation. You can use blog posts and emails to fill the gap in their knowledge. Upsells are more manageable when your customers have all the information they need.

For example,  if you look at this email sent by Blink, they are actually recommending you some products but way more effective way.

2.Not interested customers: 

Problem: When your customer says, "I'm not interested in" walls between you and your customers rise up. That doesn't mean give up right there. What if they are not interested in something which you are not selling? Or what if they don't know what they are rejecting?

How to fix it: You can use remarketing and follow-up emails to ask questions. Focus on asking the right questions to spotlight the mistaken assumptions and false beliefs. Ask your customers about the options which will work best. Use email to rebuild loyal connections with customers who seem less interested for the first time. 

Before you move on, have a look at how remarketing works;

3.They ask for more: 

Problem: When your customers keep asking questions for your products, they need to confirm and clarify. Do they need your product? Is this the right time to buy? Or what do they expect your product to do for them?  

How to fix it: Closing sales could be bad for your business if your product is wrong for your customers. To win the upsell, thank your customers for their interest, then clarify. Conversation via phone or email works. When you have all set, then close sales.

4. Selling to the wrong customer: 

Problem: Most of the marketers choose the wrong customers to show upsells. That makes your offer useless.

How to fix it: Allow customers to choose relevantly upsells. To find your own relevant upsell ideas, think about the problems or concerns that your customers have. Then, offer upgrades that solve those problems.

5.Customer doesn’t have time: 

Problem: Sometimes, customers won't take the time to fix their problems. They need results as soon as possible, doing on their own takes more time than they have. 

Let me give you an example, Let's say you're a personal trainer. Your client wants to lose 30 lbs within 3 months. Give them a clear idea about the consequences they might face if they fail to meet their goals. Then show them how you can prevent that from ever happening then ask for the sale.

How to fix it: Agitate the problem. Show the consequences if they fail to meet their goals. Then show how they can prevent that from happening. After that, offer a way out. Use email, blog posts, video. Then ask for the sale.

Wrapping up:

Can you see what's happening? Customers don't want another "product," they want their problems solved. Catching their implicit signals gives you the "in" you need. Agitate their problems then show them how to solve it.