black friday email tips to convert

2019 Black Friday Email Tips That Convert (With Examples)

Let the craziness begin; it's almost that time of the year again! The biggest shopping day is just around the corner. That’s right; Black Friday is almost here. It’s essential that online business takes advantage and generates loads of sales.

But, with various offers out there, how do you grab the attention of your audience? Well, one of the best methods is to utilize your Black Friday email marketing strategy, which gets your promotions straight into shopper’s inboxes. Big thanks to smartphones and apps, consumers are connected to their inboxes 24/7.

Here are five simple things you need to keep in mind while crafting a Black Friday email marketing campaign.

#1 Create A Subject Line That Will Break Through The Crazy Holiday Clutter 

 As a matter of fact, an excellent open rate during Black Friday is 50% skill and 50% luck. You can’t anticipate how many similar emails the recipient will receive, though there are some simple practices. 

Research has proven that readers do pay attention to the discount percentages and offers in their inboxes. It is worth promoting your offer in the subject line. 

Most Subject Lines Includes:  

  1. The word Black Friday 

  2. A discount percent 

  3. Words like free, save, off, and deal

  4. Urgency like now, and offer ends in 3 hrs

A combination of words Black Friday and your discount percentage with % sign is most likely your best bet. You can also play around emojis. Lightning, electronics, people running, black-colored emojis, loudspeakers, clocks, and fireworks are mostly used.

Subject Line Examples 

  • Black Friday Sale, Final Hours!

  • 🏴 BLACK FRIDAY S-A-L-E 🏴 These deals are going F-A-S-T 🏃

  •  🏁Black Friday Sale: Ready, Set, Save! 🏁

  • Last chance! Up to 80% OFF 📣

  • All Out for Black Friday! Up to 85% Off + FREE...


  • 📢Last call: Black Friday is ending soon.

  • ⏰ Tick. Tock. Black Friday Sale Ends Soon: Save Up To 65% Off

These subject lines ditched all the Black Friday practices. Mention your discount offer in the email subject line. It should be bold but refreshing!

The fact that the edition is limited, not because the prices have sunk so much.  For example, Modernica Black Friday email below, all clear and unique 

#2 Choose Uniqueness Over Shocking Discounts

Black Friday is virtually all about significant discounts. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can give your email campaign a unique perspective. For example, promote a generous cause with each sale. Reduce your discounts and provide the difference to a good cause. A win-win!

Additionally, you can create an exclusive collection just for Black Friday. This way, the urgency to buy comes with the fact that the edition is limited, not because the prices have sunk so much — for example, Modernica Black Friday email below, all clear and unique. 

#3 Consider An Element Of Suspense 

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? If you have, you are quite familiar with the feel while scratching each box, waiting eagerly to see if you’ve won. Right? You can use the same feeling of suspense to your Black Friday email marketing campaign. 

Here is how Forever 21 did it - they created virtual scratch cards in their Black Friday email marketing campaign. The moment you click on their CTA "REVEAL YOUR OFFER NOW" button, you see precisely which percentage off you got. 

#4 Create Urgency By Using A Count Down Timer  

Countdowns can be used for your landing page, pop-up, and emails. They do a great job of expressing urgency.

Creating urgency for Black Friday is quite simple. Because Black Friday sales are only available for one day, there is an end hour for every sale. After that hour is gone, your customers will no longer be able to find these products at the same price.

Make it clear that the current offering will expire. Provide your customers with a time when your sale will formally end to drive them toward the purchasing decision. While it may seem simple to us, don’t miss an opportunity to create urgency in your Black Friday sales and remind shoppers that there is a limited amount of time to take advantage of the offer.

For example, Wonderbly, a children’s book company, creates a sense of urgency in the headline and copy of their Black Friday email below.

You can also add a countdown timer as Vodafone:

#5 Show Case Your Goods

One to increase your click-through rates on Black Friday. Display your product images inside your emails. If a subscriber sees something they like, they’ll be much more likely to click on your call-to-action button.

So, be sure to include a few product examples that your entire audience to use these fantastic discounts right away. For example, Urban Outfitters’ Black Friday emails show products and offer together to entice the reader.

Bottom Line 

Black Friday is a massive opportunity for eCommerce business owners to double their revenue. To take full advantage of the event, you must plan and begin executing early.

By building hype around your holiday sales in the weeks leading up to them and connecting your email and social media campaigns, you can keep your company top-of-mind during a time of year when customers are exposed to a wealth of marketing messaging. 

A head start puts you in position for a durable finish and gives you time to shore up other areas of your business before the largest shopping day of the year.