How to Align Your Entire Online Presence With Your Brand (SALES EMAILS EDITION)

How to Align Your Entire Online Presence With Your Brand (SALES EMAILS EDITION)

Aligning your entire online presence with your brand is great for reaching new people. And email marketing an effective way to convert them. 

Email marketing is a strategy that allows you to reach out to your targeted audience on a more personal level with appropriate content. Brand Email is one service that can cover multiple levels of engagement with your customer in one shot. It has all the power to engage new prospects, educate, groom them, inspire them with a profitable incentive, thank them for a purchase, and delight them.

Still, not every email campaign achieves the level of perfection that every email marketer strives to achieve. According to one research report, about 52% of marketers claim that email marketing is directly linked with the success of their business efforts. 

Email marketing is like an umbrella that covers a variety of unique strategies, where the key is figuring out the strategy or campaign that works best for your brands’ specific goals. Defining goals is very crucial as discussed earlier So, here I am not going to jump into details about how to define goals and why they are so important. For details you can read this -   …..

Types Of Brand Emails

Basically, there are three types of brand emails. 

  1. Sales Email
  2. Nurture Emails 
  3. Campaign Emails 

Quite confusing? 

Well, don’t worry I have covered you all in this blog I will dig deep into sales emails and will continue in our upcoming blog. Let’s start!

1.Sales Email 

Sales emails are sent with a purpose to promote products or services in order to increase revenue. The efficiency is all depended on the value of the offer, level of subscriber’s engagement with the brand, the quality of the content, and email deliverability. 

Sales emails include Abandoned cart, customer win-back and upsell emails 

  • Abandoned Cart Email

You can call it the backbone of e-commerce. 

A follow-up email sent to someone who has added items to their cart and gone through a portion of the checkout process and suddenly left the site without making a purchase. 

Abandoned cart emails work to remind your customers of the items they left in the cart - convincing them to come back and make a purchase of what they already interested in. 

If you did the basics well, you will notice your revenue tick up and the overall profitability and ROI of your advertising expense increase.

Here are 5 basic shopping cart Abandonment Recovery Email Strategies

1.Showcase trust and reliability in your brand emails 

We all are surrounded by scams on the internet. It’s not about me and you, everyone loves credibility. The same is the case with your first-time customers they have become more careful and want little surety before opening their wallets. 

The best practice to win your visitor’s trust is to use product ratings and reviews so that they can see other people have happily purchased from you before. 

Apart from that, you can use it in your abandoned cart reminder emails too.

Here are two effective ways to do so;

1. Remind your shoppers that they left highly-rated products in their shopping cart -with an amazing subject you can give your open rate a nice boost. You can use the rating of your product like, Hey, there is a 5-star product in your cart! Or something more catchy. 


2.Create urgency - this can be done through scarce. If you highlight how scarce your product or service is - or at least create the illusion that it’s about to run out. You can easily drive your abandonment cart customers to actually click the Buy button before somebody else does.

For e-commerce businesses, one simple way to do this is to announce that you only have a specific quantity of an item left in stock.

2. Flash the Spotlight on the single product 

Nowadays, online shoppers practice a digital version of window shopping. They add multiple products of the same type to their cart for future consideration.

It’s safe to assume that a person might not buy all the products but, the person is quite interested in that particular product. 

So,  instead of re-market and re-sell your customer on a single product, you use that short moment across 10 different products.

Here are three ways you can convert your abandoned cart visitors into potential customers. 

  1. Dedicate some part of your abandoned cart email campaign to focus on marketing only one product and then really shine the spotlight on that product. 
  2. Once you have that product, highlight some of the chief benefits of that product specifically
  3. Use a complete marketing copy to elaborate on the reasons why the customer should complete their purchase

 Now when you are done with all your email copy, it’s time to make it visually appealing. 

Here is a small comparison between a basic and spotlight abandoned cart email.


Basic Effect                                                                                     Spotlight Effect

3. Make the Most out of Loyalty 

One of the widespread strategies to recover your abandoned cart is to include a discount coupon. Frankly speaking, it’s so popular tactics that people are now taking it for granted. Furthermore, regular discounting devalues your product over time

Discounting work when your audience is familiar with your brand, trust your brand and willing to buy your products or services. 

The better way to do so is to leverage your loyalty program. 

Here is how you can do so:

  1. Look at you AOV (average order value) Let’s say $200
  2. Now, look at your reward tiers in your loyalty program - how many loyalty points a member might need to get at least a 15% discount. Let’s say 100 points equals a $15 discount. 
  3. In the next step, create a segment in your email marketing software for all rewards customers that also has more than 100 points.
  4. In the end, send that segment a different abandoned cart email campaign, where you are not offering any discount. Instead, you highlight the fact that they have loyalty points which they can apply to get a $15 discount. 

I hope it’s clear. 

  • Win-Back Email 

These are a series of personalized emails sent to inactive customers. The goal is to get your customers to interact with your emails and call to action again. 

There are many reasons why people would go inactive:

  • They only bought your product as a gift (a one-time purchase)
  • They had some bad experiences
  • Your emails might be getting sent to their junk folder
  • You changed your product and they’re just not interested in new things
  • Only interested in the promotional deal you had on your offer but was never really excited about your brand

Retaining customers is an important, yet challenging task. But, why should you bother about winning back a customer who ignores you most of the time? Why invest time and money on that? 

Well, a win-back email campaign is essential because it cost three times more to get a new customer than to keep a loyal customer you already have.  

One email = one chance of getting your customer back 

Well,  a series of 5 email means, five golden chances to bring your customers back. 

I highly recommend you to send 5 types of the win-back email sequence, in this order:

  1. Remind people you still exist 
  2. Offer an incentive - offering an incentive can push people who are on the fence about purchasing again.
  3. Ask for feedback - Ask people about their opinions.
  4. The last chance email - telling people you are going to unsubscribe them if they won’t respond. 
  5. Unsubscribe - at the time of unsubscribing inform them in case they want to come back 

Always remember -  loyal customers are:

  • Three times more likely to refer you to other people
  • Five times more likely to buy from you again
  • Seven times more likely to try your new products

An effective customer win-back email campaigns remind your customers why they were interested enough to subscribe to your list in the first place — and that revive interest can lead them to buy from you again.

  • Upsell Emails 

You’re quite happy with every conversion you make on your online store, right!

 It costs you a lot of work and marketing money. But are you making the most of every order?

You could with upsell emails. You can grab a larger number of orders for the same cost of the customer. All by in cooperating upsell emails in your sales email marketing strategy, you’ll be winning the maximum ROI on your brand emails.

We all are quite similar to what exactly upselling is - It’s achieved by pushing an expensive version of the product chosen by the customer and upgrading the product in the basket, not just a complimentary one. With a relatively higher margin. 

However, upselling email is effective if done in the right way.  Let’s take a closer look at the queries that help you upsell like a pro.

Which Products To Upsell?

Upselling a product can be time-consuming. It might take a  while to decide which products are more relevant and whether the pricing gap is too narrow. So, you must choose the products that are already selling well.

Look at your product performance and sales number to figure out with products are worth upselling.  You can upsell the products that are relevant and consistently high on sale or that are trending. And think about upselling items based on the time of year like recommending heavier coats during the winter, or offering pool beer pongs during summer.

Should I Overwhelm My Customers With Too Many Products?

 No, you should never overwhelm your customers with too many options - this might make them put the decision off.  Always start by offering two or three products and see which number works best for you.

Should I upsell items that are on sale?

Yes, you can upsell the items that are on sale or overstocked.

On the other hand, you’ll have to be very careful with this approach, as restricting products to sale items or overstocked items may leave a negative impression on customer experience and work against your eCommerce personalization strategy. For example, you don’t want to be recommending your line of overstocked socks when customers are attempting to buy mobile cover.

3 Upsell Email Strategies You Can Use Right Now

#1 - Deliver Relevant Messages

To grab the attention of your prospect, you must deliver relevant messages.

If you look at this example it will be more clear for you - suppose your customer is interested in buying mobile cover the most relevant upsell items will be mobile accessories. This will work seamlessly with the main product - make it more obvious for the customer to buy both items.

In terms of content marketing, it’s the relevance that you have to maintain.

How To Deliver Relevant Messages?

The key to delivering a relevant message is to study your audience to unleash what actually motivates them to take action. To make people act on your message, ensure its relevance, and exclude every sort of manipulation.

Offering closely-related goods inspire actions without a hard sell.

In the content marketing era, whether you’re writing a post or a press release, creating a video, sending emails to your subscribers, or recording a podcast, the words “value” and “relevance” are the two prime focus of the message.

#2 - Create scarcity

A relevant upsell with the factor of rareness will get people into the buying mood.

When the customer search for the product you must show additional info about how many items are left - with a neat and tidy CTA.

That’s pretty compelling persuasion. And since the item is relevant to the shopper, there’s less buying immunity to the online retailer.

The sense of scarcity help increase the demand for your product and convince people to take buying action.

How You Can Create A Scarcity In Your Offer?

The first step is to identify a need.  Simply ask yourself - What does your target audience needs? You can also ask the people who subscribe to your email list to send you their challenges.  Or create a survey to find the right solutions.

Human behavior wins out once again for the online retailer because people feel settled in what they served to develop as a solution.

#3 - Increase Perceived Value

Another effective way to upsell is to bundle items together.

It’s truly effective.

If you talk about the psychological reason … it’s the perceived value.

When you combine two or more products as bundled and marketed as one, that can increase the perceived value as well as the Average Order Value of that particular product.

It really works!

The point here is that increasing the perceived value by bundle the products help you sell more of your products and services. Create bundles based on human behavior of getting value, whether real or perceived.

One example is bundling a backpack with sneakers - adds both value and relevance, you will persuade more people to buy. The perceived value may be that there is less or no shipping cost if the items are purchased together.

Wrapping up:

The key of email marketing is an attractive Subject line. No matter if your sales type is Abandonment cart, winback or upsell- the first an ultimate thing you need is a great attractive headline. You can only create a stunning subject line if you know your audience, their needs and most importantly their interests. 

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Thank you… Have a good day!