Best Practices To Boost Your Website Conversion Rate In No Time

Best Practices To Boost Your Website Conversion Rate In No Time

Conversions are pretty much the key to any successful business. Everybody knows that. The universal truth is if you don’t convert leads into customers and make sales, you are out of business.  

To achieve your digital marketing goals of driving more web traffic, increasing leads, and converting visitors, your website must be appealing to both your audience and the search engine bots.  For this reason, marketers must adopt a customer-centric method and search engine techniques focused on developing positive experiences for Google spiders and your customers.


Let’s start with understanding the modern consumer. Consumers are more informed than ever. Their understanding makes them receptive to brands that are relevant and open to the trends and relationships that support their interests.

As a result, try to balance the steps that will apply to your target market and turn them into loyal customers. Also, be sure to reinforce processes that will increase your search visibility to help you attract new customers and prospects.

Even so, if you are new to digital marketing, you may be wondering:

What is the Website Conversion Rate? & how to increase website conversion rate?

As these are the two forms the base of high conversion goal. You must have a clear idea about these two else you will end up empty handed. 

Let’s clear things up and make sure the basics are covered.


What is the Website Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is the percent of visitors to your site who achieve one of your desired goals or actions, such as making a purchase, completing a contact form, clicking to call, or subscribing to an email newsletter.

Here is a simple formula to calculate your website conversion rate; 

For example,

If you win 1,000 visitors to your site and 10 of them reach a goal, the conversion rate is 10/1000 = 0.01 and x 100 = 1%.

If you are looking to quantify your conversion rate, pay good attention to following KPIs;

  • Product sales 
  • Webinar registration
  • The conversion rate for call-to-action content
  • E-books published this month
  • Monthly website traffic
  • Number of qualified leads
  • Ebook downloads
  • Email sign-ups

Nevertheless, being able to measure your conversion rates will help you see for yourself which web pages are being converted and which ones are not turning visitors into prospects. Thus, you will need to optimize unconverted pages to start turning visitors into prospects and those already turning to better conversions.

How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

Getting your website to convert traffic into potential customers is the most significant goal for any website; Reducing obstacles and making things easy and obvious for your visitors is key.

Here’s how to increase website conversion rates and increase the success of your website.

#1 - Create a Visible Call To Action- CTAs That Offer Higher Conversion

Getting your calls to action is the most basic but most important thing you can optimize on a website. They will usually appear on most pages and will always be a key part of the buying process. It's important to maximize clicks on your significant calls to action, but also one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase conversion rates.

Using an active language instead of a generic and passive button language can significantly improve engagement rates and lead to increased sales and conversions. For example:

  • Replace "Learn More" with "View Product Details."
  • "Store Finder" to "Where to buy"
  • "Product categories" to "Discover more products"

By giving the user an excerpt of what to expect when they click, they are more likely to interact with a button.

#2 - Convince Users With Social Proof - People Trust People, Not Companies

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological marvel where human beings bend to the actions of others, believing that these activities reflect acceptable behaviors.

According to Chatter Matters, recommendations from family and friends are one of the most effective promotional materials. The report states that 83% of buyers said they would make a purchase based on the recommendations of others.

As a result, marketers are using social proof as a solid marketing strategy to enhance their conversion rate optimization techniques and boost conversions. Nevertheless, there are different types of social evidence that you can use to increase your conversion rates.

These include:

  • Social proof of the user
  • Social proof certification
  • Social proof of expert
  • Celebrity support
  • And so on

These powerful tools can take the form of testimonials and suggestions from experts in your sector. It can also come from loyal customers who have used your products or services and are satisfied with them.

So, social proof helps to convey trust. With this in mind, adding testimonials or certification logos to your website will enhance your credibility and help you convert visitors and website users into potential and paying customers.

#3 - Use Lead Capture Forms To Increase Conversions- Create a FOMO Experience 

The main element that influences your conversion rate is the lead capture form. The lead capture forms well answer your question about how to increase website conversion rate - It is one of the most effective tools to boost your website conversion rate as it determines the leads from non-leads.

There are several lead capture tools out there but the one I used is MTL - MTL helps you create incredibly high converting lead capture popups for your website. 

It provides you with a different type of popup forms; 

    1. Gamified Popups 

    • Spin To Win 
    • Lucky Lever 
    • Scratch & Win 

         2. Smart Popups 

    • Popup
    • Full Screen 
    • Slide In 
    • Floating bar 

    What else do you want? 

    #4 - Develop Measurables For  Conversion - Use Data as Your Main Decision-Making Source

    A sustainable website conversion rate optimization strategy begins with identifying your goals for each web page. This approach means that your successes correlate with the goals of your landing pages.

    For example, with digital products for sale, your main goal is to sell your materials; while your secondary goal is to gain additional leads. And third, you want to convert new leads into buyers. Therefore, what steps can you take to achieve your goals?

    Delightfully, there are many ways to achieve your goal. These include the accumulation of leads through gated content and other types of downloadable material. This approach is ideal because it provides you with a way to build measurable elements for converting your website, such as:

    • Digital course downloads
    • Views of the web page
    • Subscriptions to newsletters
    • Membership registration
    • Etc.

    With your conversion rate indicators, you can begin the process of optimizing the conversion of your website. With this in mind, it will help you improve the user experience of the website and significantly improve your conversion rates.

    #5 - Engage Your Visitors With Videos- Create High-Performing  Assets to Increase Conversion 

    Videos are one of the best features of digital marketing to increase conversion rates, for good reason. Videos on your landing pages can increase conversions by 100%. That is to say, according to Unbounce.

    For example, a HubSpot report shows that 55% of consumers watch video content daily, while 78% of users consume videos online each week. In addition, more than 50% of shoppers want to see more video material, with e-newsletters and social media visuals coming to second and third, respectively.

    Therefore, it makes sense to add a video to your conversion rate optimization tactics to improve conversions and sales. You can create a short video showing in the background images of your brand's activities, a product description, or an instructional video.

    However, do not forget to test your A / B video because Yobongo has tested its video and increased conversion rates by over 70%. Please note; your video must be very brief.

    Final Thoughts: 

    While there are more ways how to increase website conversion rates, the tips above will dramatically improve conversion rates for your site. Apply them correctly to your sales funnel and continue to test each strategy to determine the best conversion rate optimization strategies for your marketing campaign.

    Start implementing the strategies from this blog, and be sure to measure the results. Remember, for better measurement, change one aspect of your page at a time. For instance, if you change the CTA colour, wording and add social proof, you won’t be able to differentiate which change either contributing to an increasing (or decreasing) conversion. 

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