Engage, Delight & Convert Customers Using Gamification

Engage, Delight & Convert Customers Using Gamification

How about the games that engage and delight us? The sheer amusement? The competitive drive? From our first round of “I Spy” or "tic-tac-toe,"we adored the challenges and rewards of gaming.

Tapping this almost widespread human intensity and our dependence on the fun can drive large amounts of marketing engagement, particularly when games are built on the bases of marketing data and combined with really helpful info it will in return increase sales and more importantly customer loyalty.

However to attract new customers to your company, give them a first-time buyer reward, say a 10 or 20 percent discount on their original order if they subscribe or combine your checklist. You can also provide rewards for referring new clients, increasing the benefit for additional referrals.

Yet another means to attract clients is to put on a contest or sweepstakes that will require entrants to provide their name and current email address to be able to play with.

Here are some awesome ways your business can drive engagement and increase revenue through Gamification. 

Scratch And Win 

It is one of the most successful marketing campaigns. What really happens is that customers are given opportunities to win money and other prizes.  

You can test this Gamification technique with your marketing strategy. By simply adding a digital scratch-off the match in your emails that will make customers more inclined to open them engage as time goes by.

Spin the Wheel

Do not only utilize Gamification to participate with your existing customers. It’s also advisable to use it to bring in more subscribers.

Many brands have employed such a strategy. When potential clients come to your site and you prompt them to subscribe, in return lure them with all the assurance of a reward. A casino-style game that gives users the possibility to secure a reduction is certainly attractive. Simply let clients know this in order to play the game, they need to first sign up for the email list. Then, you can use an email verification tool that affirms if the email isn’t real at the moment of entry. There isn’t much point for the strategy in the event the email provided is inputted wrongly or is an imitation.

However, “Spin the wheel” most appear on your web’s homepage where they incentivize users to enter their email address to enjoy the golden chance to spin and win. 

Lucky Lever: 

A lucky lever is a great way to give away prizes or discounts. It’s not only very exciting but the players also immediately know when they won or not. The best part of this game is that the prizes or discount offers are automatically distributed. You can say it’s quite a time-saving technique. 

However, the biggest benefit is that players will be inclined to attempt several times to test their fortune on the lucky lever. 

Wrap Up:

While it is critical to come up with an email gamification advertising strategy that is tailored specifically to your new brand, these gamification methods can help you understand the basic strategies to do this process. Keep in mind, there is a lot of content on the market vying to get your customers’ interest. Games are a straightforward and efficient way to continue to keep them focused on your content.