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Rank on the first page of Google by learning some of the most applied SEO skills

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A long-standing joke from the world of SEO states.

The best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google search.

And it’s so strangely true, once you think about it.

Appearing on the second page of search results actually means that you’re not being found at all.

This course is all about building a strong SEO foundation and helping you change your search ranking.

My name is Rameez and I will be helping you optimize your SEO efforts in a way that you keep attracting organic traffic even while you’re asleep.

Through this course, you will learn how to improve your search ranking, bring in more organic traffic and make sure your website is on top of search results constantly.

You might have seen or read about many SEO strategies and approaches but nothing will compare to the in-depth knowledge that this course will provide.

We will talk about everything, from performing your SEO audits the right way, getting your On-Page SEO going and leveraging the power of Off-Page tactics to bring in organic traffic to your site.

Welcome to EASE and looking forward to you in the class.

Phase 1 - Basics of SEO

1- Introduction and Overview
2 - How Search Engine Works
3 - Agorithms
4 - Keywords

Phase 2 - Optimization

1 - Introduction To On Page
2 - SEO for Mobile
3 - SEO with Content Marketing
4 - Advanced On-Page Optimization

Phase 3 - Algorithms and Involvement of Off-Page

1 - Technical
2 - How to Deal With Algorithms
3 - How to Deal With Algorithms Part 2
4 - Introduction to Off -Page

Phase 4 - Aids and Tools To Use

1 - Local SEO
2 - Google Tools - Webmaster tools
3 - Reporting
4 - Key Takeaways

Rameez is an SEO guru who brings with him an array of industry experience. In his professional career, he has worked with a number of leading e-commerce websites and brands and helped them increase their organic growth by upto 80%.

The long list of clients includes Daraz, Homeshopping, Tejar, MyGerry, Well, Dawaai, Tune, and Infocabs. From developing an SEO strategy to helping these brands improve their search rankings, Rameez has been part of it all because of long extensive experience in the industry.

Aside from working with clients, Rameez also brings to the table his teaching experience of more than 5 years, having trained more than 500 students across the globe. Rameez works closely with his students to pass on digital marketing knowledge.

Rameez’s aim is to provide the right knowledge of SEO to the seekers so that they can enhance their SEO skills and become better marketers overall.


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