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Ecommerce Social Media Specialist Course

Most straightforward formula to set your own online business and dominate e-commerce.

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  • No. Of Hours
    6 HOURS
  • No. Of Lessons
    16 LESSONS

The world is getting crowded day after day after day.

Same can be said for social media. .

Just posting your content on social media doesn’t work anymore..

You need to have the right messaging, creatives and strategy to get results..

This course is all about building brand awareness, driving word of mouth, and attracting buyers..

My name is Tariq and I will help you monetize social media without going broke or spending a dime..

Through this course, you will learn how to amplify a brand’s social reach, promote your ecommerce store and build a thriving online tribe..

This course will not only help you build your foundations but also give you advanced strategies that only 1% of marketers know. .

We will talk about everything, from setting up your social accounts the right way, coming up with beautiful creatives, and leveraging the power of forums to drive extremely targeted traffic to your website. .

Welcome to ESMS again and looking forward to you in the class!

Phase 1 - Universe Of Social Structure

1 - Overview & Introduction
2 - Mindset and Your Brand
3 - Master of the Copy. Boss of the Tools
4 - Creative Master

Phase 2 - Visual Beauties - Pinterest + Instagram

1 - Instagram Marketing Foundation
2 - Instagram Marketing Advanced
3 - Pinterest Marketing Foundations
4 - Pinterest Marketing Advanced

Phase 3 - Social Conversation & Tribes

1 -Twitter Domination Foundation
2 - Twitter Domination Advanced
3 - Facebook.. But Not Paid?
4 - Turning Likers into FANS

Phase 4 - Social Forum & Business Domination

1 - Social Forums
2 - Monetization Through Affiliates
3 - Business Success In E-commerce
4 - Course Wrap Up


Only a few years ago, Tariq was on a journey of his own. As we in the west would say, he took the normal route, taking grad school for a degree in business. With things going as planned, there was no stopping Tariq from fulfilling his destiny which was to graduate from college, get a decent job, and engulf himself into the corporate world.

But most people do not know but Tariq was never one to settle for normal. Although he was continuing to get an education, he spent most of his time doing research, working with local brands and helping them build an online presence.

Using the very same research and knowledge, Tariq started his first venture. A company dedicated to providing social media services to clients from different parts of the world. And that is where it truly began.


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