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Highlight your sales. An app that helps you promote your products that are on sale with attractive countdown timers.


Count Drac Timer is an app designed to help you promote your products that are on sale with beautiful countdown timers. It’s objective is to highlight those specific products and the timeframe for which they will be on sale. By using this app, you will be able to help your customers make the big decision and save some money by highlighting products that you choose and creating urgency around them!

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Using our free app you can install the app on your Shopify store, create countdown campaigns and see their impact on the conversion rate for the products that are on sale. You won’t be charged anything if you uninstall the app before the free trial is over!

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​Gorgeous Countdown Timers

Use beautiful countdown timers to highlight your sales and drive customer’s actions

Pre-Made Theme Library

Save time by using our premade theme library to create buy or die campaigns for specific holidays quickly.

Advanced Targeting

Use our advanced targeting options to create campaigns for specific products, collections or even countries.

Highlight Your Sales
​Got a sale to promote? Create a countdown timer campaign for products or collections to highlight it! The countdown timer will show on product pages of your choice, helping you improve the conversion rate by using the urgency of that limited time sale.

Product & Collection Level Targeting
With smart targeting, you can create specific countdown timer campaigns for products or collection of your choice. For example, you can create a campaign specifically for products that would make an awesome gift for Father’s day!

Countdown Themes
The app comes with different themes that you can use to make your countdown timer campaigns more relevant to special events like Valentine’s Day or Black Friday!

With geo-targeting, you can create country-specific campaigns countries with customized campaigns by using our geolocation targeting!

Fully Mobile and Desktop Responsive
Worried about your mobile users? Don’t be! Count Drac Timers are fully responsive and look awesome both on mobile devices and desktop!

Good app to create a sense of urgency in sales. Looks good and has lots of display options, I definitely like it. RECOMMEND to everyone who need a professional countdown app!

Car Puta
reat app for sale...very effective. countdown banner is very useful with lots of already made templates. easy to use and fit in website very perfectly.


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