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Email Marketing

Email Marketing has outpaced traditional methods of communication for brands to improve their reach & visibility.

However, as there can be endless email opportunities it is essential to keep low costs. Email marketing can only remain at a low cost and high ROI if the correct strategy is applied to each client's journey.

Email Marketing

Email marketing dominates the industry with a relatively low cost & the highest ROI compared to all other channels. Segmentation & continuous optimization to engage & nurture clients keeps cost low & ROI high.

Our experts have mastered strategies for

  • Abandoned cart
  • Nurture series
  • Post-purchase series
  • Referrals

Abandoned Cart

A strategic abandoned cart email series allows you to recover lost sales. Triggered emails based on product segmentation allows your business to save time & cost allowing you to maintain ROI efficiency.

Our abandoned cart series focuses on continuous optimization to maximize the potential sales.

We utilize a series of different strategies include:

- Showcasing credibility & trust
- Focus on specific product client is interested in
- Make the most brand & product loyalty

- Maintain long term connection
- Utilize social proof yo help first time visitors convert.

Nurture Series

Businesses that excel that email marketing tend to generate 50% more sales from sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

Our nurture series utilize a series of A/B testing to find the winning combination for the highest open rate & CTR. Our optimization process includes testing for:

- Long vs. short
- Colour Psychology
- CTA Language
- Non-invasive sales language
- Aesthetics
- Soap opera series (story building)

Our value driven nurture series incorporate a series of different strategies while maintaining your brand tone & guidelines to build a strong long term relation.

Post-purchase Series

Post-purchase series play a crucial role for main purposes:

- Continued sales & up-sells
- Building consumer loyalty
- Referrals

Post-purchase sales segments customers to build trust with the company and showcase new items, promos and more.

Our Approach to Email Marketing

Audit & Analyze

We audit your current flows, segmentations, open rates & CTR.

Build, Segment & Optimize

We created value driven emails based on your goal (nurture or sales) through segmentation, offer positioning, design & copyright.

Continuous Optimization

OWe continue to create flows, segmentation & value based email to increase CTR and open rate to inspire action.

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