EZ Cart & Checkout Sticky App

Streamline your checkout process. EZ Cart allows your store visitors to add the product to cart, or direct checkout, regardless of where they are on the page.

WHAT IS EZ Cart and Checkout Sticky?

EZ Cart & Checkout Sticky app is designed to make the buying process as easy as possible for your customers. Oftentimes the checkout or buy button gets lost between product images, description, reviews, and other product page elements, especially when they scroll down!

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Using our free app, you can add the product to cart, or directly checkout, regardless of where they are on the page with help of a prominent button that's displayed above the fold at all times.

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Optimize Your Checkout Process

Improve your conversion rate by giving your store visitors the option to ATC or checkout regardless of where they are on the page!

Increase Social Shares

Encourage your visitors to share your products on social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google + and Whatsapp!

Don’t Miss Any Pixel Events!

Our app plays really well with pixels! You can use our app to drive more conversions without the fear of missing out on any pixel events.

Improve Your Conversion Rate
Boost your store sales by giving your visitors the option to buy, regardless of where they are on the product page.

Don’t Miss Any Pixel Events
With our sticky app, you won’t lose any of the critical add-to-cart or check out events on your product pages.

Customize Your Bar To Match Your Brand
You can customize the bar to make it more consistent with your branding or test which design helps you get more conversions.

Customize The Bar Display Rules
Use our display rules to either show the bar at all times, if they scroll down below add to cart button or create your display rule using the scroll length.

Customize The Bar Position
Use the bar position to determine whether you want to show the bar at top or bottom of the page.

Use Our Variant & Quantity Option
By enabling variants, your visitors will be able to Allow users to pick the right variant and quantity right from the bar.

Promote Your Running Sales
Sell more of the products that are on sale by enabling ‘compare price’ option on the sticky bar.

Car Puta
Great app! Easy and straight forward. I love how you can customize the color to match my brand. I highly recommend this app....Simply fantastic!!!.

Love this app! I highly recommend this app...Simply fantastic in increasing conversions. If you are struggling with conversions, you might want to try this.


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