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A solution to Facebook pixel management. All-in-one Facebook pixel app for Shopify, designed to help Shopify store owners - easy Facebook pixel integration.

WHAT IS Win Ads manager?

A Complete Facebook Marketing Toolkit For Shopify Store Owners. If you own a Shopify Store, then your profit depends on how optimized your ad campaigns are. Win Ads Manager is an all-in-one Facebook pixel app for Shopify, designed to help Shopify store owners, just like you, easily install your Facebook pixel in your store and use amazing pixel features to run highly targeted, optimized ad campaigns.

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Using our 7-day free trial, you can install the app on your Shopify store, Connect pixels/Google Analytics, create Catalog, Audiences. You won’t be charged anything if you uninstall the app before the free trial is over!

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A data based platform designed to help you run better ad campaigns, increase your ROI, and leverage all that information to take your advertising game to the next level.

Pixel Manager!

Track pixel events for multiple master pixels on your store and protect your critical optimization data with new and improved Pixel Engine!


Now connect any type of niche tags, record data to create highly converting audiences with the new Tag Manager!

Advanced Catalog Manager!

Initiate highly converting re-marketing campaigns by creating and connecting your product catalog with Facebook

With Win Ads, you can take your advertising game to the next level

How it works?

Step 1 - Measure
Step 2 - Optimize
Step 3 - Convert

Seamless Pixel Integration
Connect your Facebook pixel with just one click. No technicalities, no coding, Easy pixel integration for as many pixels as you want which can be used to track Standard, Custom and Hyper and parameters based on your goals.

Advanced Audience Builder
With Win Ads advanced audience builder, you can build and create highly targeted custom and look-a-like audiences upto 20%.

Facebook Catalog Synchronization
Create catalogs and which automatically syncs with event data on a daily basis which then can be used for Facebook retargeting ads (DPA)

Niche Targeting For Products and Collections With Tag Manager
With Win Ads's advanced tag manager, audiences for specific niche tags and collections can be created for any product to run targeted ad campaigns.

Accurate Data Reporting
Win Ads reporting with the help of the new pixel engine is able to generate more reliable reports within the dashboard. You can also adjust the percentage value of purchase events with just a simple click!

Tracking Across All Domains
Driving traffic to pages both on and off Shopify? Win Ads generates a pixel formatted code that can be applied to all pages including blogs and external landing pages for data extraction.

I never write reviews but the ease of use and the immediate customer service response from the creator of the app is astounding. The app is seamless, their FAQs cover everything, highly recommend.

Touch Dolls
Danny and the support staff at Win Ads made it very easy for me to clean up my page and find the duplicate pixels. Although my journey is not over they provided great support and that says a lot about a company that is willing to help their customers at a moments notice.

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