11 Truly Inspiring Vision And Mission Statements

11 Truly Inspiring Vision And Mission Statements

A mission/vision statement can be a powerful tool to help ensure your company remains consistently focused and fabulous. It’s your “why” — A why about your existence, the vision, your identity, about your strategies, your core values, your culture and it can steer you toward success.

Is your mission statement dull and general? Or perhaps you have managed to boil everything your company stands for and also tries to be within a concisely straightforward announcement that informs your employees along with the complete world why your organization is valuable?

What makes a flawless mission statement? A mission statement may represent Short term Targets or Longterm ambitions, however, they should all discuss four Important components:

  • Value
  • Specificity
  • Plausibility
  • Inspiration

But attaining this connection is not a simple endeavor. Even the firms that succeed are those who stay true to their own heart worth through the last few years and make a business that customers and employees really are pleased to connect with.

This is the point when the company’s vision and mission statements arrive.

Let us focus on a little language lesson to distinguish between both of these kinds of company announcements.

Vision Statement Vs Mission Statement 

Let’s begin with a bit of a vocabulary exercise to differentiate between these two types of company statements.

Vision Statement

A vision statement defines where the company aims to be upon accomplishing its mission. The major focus of the vision statement is to tell “where” the business is  — but not really where the company attempts to be. Rather, a vision statement describes where the company wants a community, or even the whole world, to be as a result of the company’s services.

Vision Statement Examples 

Below are few vision statements of some well-known companies to provide you an insight into how a vision mirrors a brand.

  1. The Microsoft  Vision stats – A computer on every desk and in every home

  2. Creative Commons Vision – Realizing the full potential of the internet, universal access to research and education, full participation in culture  to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity

  3. According to Teach for America vision – One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education

  4. Australia Department of Health Vision – Better health and wellbeing for all Australians, now and for future generations

Mission Statement


You must be thinking if the above examples are vision statements, then what exactly a mission statement is? A mission statement is somehow an action-oriented vision statement, stating the purpose an organization serves to its fans. That often includes a comprehensive description of the company, its function, and its objectives. a mission statement is meant to clarify 3w’s the “what,” “who,” and “why” of a company. In simple words, it’s actually the roadmap for the organization's vision statement.

As an organization grows, its aims and objectives could be reached, and subsequently, they’ll change. Consequently, mission and vision statements should be revised as needed to reflect the business’s new culture as previous aims are met.

You can also combine both vision & mission statements to get one complete “mission statement” but it has to define the company’s reason for existing and its outlook for internal and external viewers like employees, board members, shareholders, consumers, and partners.

Mission Statement Examples: 

By keeping this in mind, what does a fantastic mission statement look like? Take a look at some of the following company mission statements for yourself and get inspired to write one for your brand.

  1. Life is Good Mission statement – To spread the power of optimism

  2. Honest Tea Mission – To create and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages

  3. Nordstrom Mission – To give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible

  4. Warby Parker Mission – To offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses

  5. IKEA Mission – To create a better everyday life for the many people

  6. American Express Mission – We work hard every day to make American Express the world’s most respected service brand

  7. Sweet green Mission Statement – To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.

Wrap up :

Done sound vision and mission statements are convincing things.

They could unite a whole company’s efforts as well as the signpost that always targets everyone’s efforts on what they truly matter. The trick to a fantastic vision and mission statements is clarity.

However, a mission statement could be that “what” and “how,” and the vision statement could be that “why”

Plus, it generally does not matter how big or small your organization is, every enterprise can reap the benefits of strong vision and mission statements.

If you are contemplating writing a vision or mission statement for the enterprise, focus on your core values. After that, think about the wider impact you expect to possess in the whole world through your web visitors.

What’s your company’s vision or mission statement? Tell us in the comments section below!