Groundbreaking Tips To Building Your Brands Digital Presence

Groundbreaking Tips To Building Your Brands Digital Presence

What do you think is the most essential part of building your brand is in 2019?


Developing a consistent  Digital Brand Strategy!

In today’s world, digital marketing has changed the way advertising and publicity work - you can stay in touch with millions of users globally with a random click or tap into thousands of opinions with a brimming fan base.

I admit… it could be challenging, time-consuming and, at times frustrating, but in the end, the most rewarding process - guarantee long-term gain process for your brand. 

Digital branding strategies help maintain your brand’s digital presence by helping you focus on your target audience much more proactively and rapidly than outbound.

Before we step ahead towards the strategy section you must get familiar with the importance of the digital presence. 

Why You Need A Strong Digital Presence?


Simple: you should have a strong digital presence because your customers are online, and they are utilizing the internet to find solutions to their problems. Here are the following reasons why digital presence of your business is necessary:

  • Help your potential customers reach you with ease- They will find you and interact with you.
  • Showcase your products or services-You can target your potential customers and can give them an opportunity to see and know about your products or services. The best practice is to make a clear product image along with its uses or benefits or you can also get creative through a video. 
  • Build a strong bond with your audience -strong bonding can help you build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. Digital mediums have made it easy for both business owners and customers to interact. This can be done through chats, DM’s and comments. 
  • Easy to market your brand -Social media platforms are the best tools to market your brand. People nowadays rely on social media, whether it’s about cooking tips, fashion trends, shopping online, personal advice, education or training. Everything is there and they find it more reliable. 

    Remember a strong and positive digital presence will surely and efficiently help you win recognition globally. And eventually, you can leverage your digital presence and practice it to make more sales.

    Here are the top 3 digital branding strategies that can help you boost your brand’s digital presence.

    1. Your Website Must Reflect Your Brand Identity  

    About 95% of digital experience starts with a search, there is a high possibility that a user will encounter your brand first through your website than any other online channels.

    However, it is extremely important to leave a good brand impression to your audience the first time they click for your website – this includes your content, design, and technical factors such as site speed 

    Remember, most of your visitors may only spend a very short amount of time on your website before deciding whether to continue browsing or go back to search results. That clearly indicates you’ve only got a few seconds to show to your visitors who you are, what you do, and why they should buy from you.

    To make sure your website reflects your brand identity, follow these simple steps: 

    1. Color Scheme


    If you have already established the color scheme for your brand that’s cool enough, just stick to that theme and use those colors on your site. If not, then you should choose colors that embody your brand’s values and reflect the exact tone you want to strike.  

      Still, confused? Well, simply go to color-hex search a color palette of that color. For instance, I did the same for the blue color. As you can clearly notice the image, it has all the shades and colors that can smoothly go with blue. 






       2. Consistent Web Design


      Although it may be pretty fascinating to just let your creative mind go wild and make every page of your website looks different, in reality it is ideal to maintain design consistency throughout your website. It will in return strengthen your brand in your visitor’s mind. Repetition reveals your brand to your audience at an extended period, which means they retain information about your brand even after they leave your site and easily recognize it the next time they encounter it – both online and offline.

      3. Set the Tone of your Content

      Knowing what to say to your customers is one thing, and how to say it is another. How you set the tone of your content really influences your target audience’s perception of your brand, so it’s quite important you get it all right.

        However, use an informal voice if you want to position your brand as friendly and approachable. And if you want to inject expertise and authority, you must go for formal language. 

         2. Content Creation  

        It’s very important that you develop a digital branding strategy that focuses on content.  It is the most effective way to strengthen and expand your digital presence. Content not only builds trust among your audience, but also fuels other marketing activities such as email, social, blogs, and PPC. 

        Branding without content is like a car without wheels. 

        There are a lot of content formats you can choose from,  but the following are the ones you must give a try this year. 

        • Infographics - 

        It is a fact, human processes information in the form of images much faster than texts. This is the one reason infographics are becoming popular nowadays.  

        Easier to digest than reading a data-packed report.

        Example - 







        •  Podcasts & Videos

        These are also a form of content that helps to stimulate interest over time and across large audience-base. By adhering content types such as podcasts and webinars, videos, tutorials, and how-to guides. Moreover, collaborating with other B2B marketers to appear on their podcasts, webinars, and videos can boost your online presence. 

        3. Keep To A Maximum Of Three Social Platforms 

        While starting a new business, it’s understandable to lack time, resources, and expertise in managing their digital branding strategy. The biggest misconception here is you think -  presence and existence of “being on” these social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is good enough and your job is over.

        But, in real-world if social media is not updated, lacks content, or is simply not interactive, it might be turning users off. Such neglect results in disgruntlement, which in turn hurts businesses in terms of sales, revenue, and brand reputation and ends up doing more harm than good.

        You don't have to leave social media footprints on all channels conceivable. Imagine if a client who’s interested in your brand and products visits your social media pages and finds there hasn't been an update for over a year on some of your inactive social media channels.

        That customer would probably be uncomfortable buying from you. It gives customers an instant sense that you don’t care about your brand or your products at all, and if you don’t care, why should customers care? They would simply walk away.


        Now, whether you have zero, three, or more social media platforms, we recommend you work with at least 1 and a maximum of 3 platforms and do them all with excellence. Have a presence on the number of platforms that you’re able to dedicate enough resources.

        Keep each social media page updated with great and interesting content and grow your reach. 

        Wrap up : 

        When it comes to growing your business in the present digital era, then it will be highly significant to build a digital presence of your business. Only creating a business website is not going to help you to get your goals in an effective way.

        To grow your business and to improve online visibility you have to adopt different techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and content marketing.

        All of these factors combined can help you to grow your business in an effective way. These are the most important factors which can help any business owners to grow the business and to get more customers in an effective way.

        Well, while adopting these techniques you have to be wise and careful so that you can get better benefits from your entire campaign.