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ECommerce Hack - How To Generate High-Quality Targeted Leads in 2020

Lead generation is the primary component of digital marketing. Turing your site visitors into a customer is the real sale booster. With all the perks, still, many businesses are having issues with lead generation.

One reason could be -

Many sales departments have exhausted the limit of people to sell their products and services. As a result, only 10% of marketers feel that their lead generation campaigns are effective.

The solution? Having a set of useful tips to boost your sales funnel through lead generation. 

Let's start with the basics.

What Is Lead Generation? 

Lead generation is a way of attracting and getting your site visitors to give you their contact information - especially email. 

Lead generation is vital for both marketing and sales teams, as it helps to:

1. Capture new leads. 
2. Generate highly targeted leads

    By definition, the process of lead generation involves both inbound and outbound tactics, but most eCom marketers find more profit with inbound strategies.

    According to stats, outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads and aren't nearly as effective.

    Where Do Leads Come From?

    Leads are people. Anyone who needs your product or service is a lead. Every person on this planet is a potential lead. Now, it's your job to filter them on the bases of their interest. You might have millions of email addresses that you called as your leads but, unless they gave you their permission to email you, the leads are valueless.

    So, must have complete knowledge about your lead - where they have come from? Where are they located? In which they are interested? And more importantly, are they allowing you to email them?

    About 74% of brands use web forms for lead generation, with 49.7% stating their online forms are their highest converting lead generation tool.

    If you have all this - trust me, you capturing highly qualified leads. 

    Lead Generation Then & Now 

    20 years back, the lead generation methods were pretty straightforward.

    Marketers are focusing on:

    1. TV commercial
    2. Advertorial in a magazine
    3. Buy an email list

      But today, the phenomena of lead generation has changed drastically.

      Today marketers' goal is to increase their visibility in front of their customers. Instead of hitting your customers with as many ads as possible. 

      It's the era of 2020, where customers are not only informed but also bombarded by thousands of brands on a daily bases trying to market.

      And this indicates the pressure is on both ends: the average consumer's attention span has shrunk to 3-5 seconds, and they've all the control about what they should pay attention to.

      So, you have to cut through all the noise in order to stand out among your competitors. 

      Generating High-Quality Targeted Leads in 2020

      To improve your marketing, here are the best lead generation tips you must try today.

      • Create A Website 

      If you don't own a website, its time to create one today. A website will help you establish a robust online presence and is the best source of attracting organic traffic. 

      However, by providing valuable information to your web visitors through engaging content, and by giving your prospects a reason to come back. This way you can collect more targeted leads. 

      What's else you can do, personalize the experience of your visitors while ensuring that they're viewing information that's the most relevant to them. All dependent on their buyer's journey.

      • Create High-quality Content 

      Great content is always shared, and this is the reason why high quality is so powerful. Try to create content that helps you stand out from the crowd. 

      If it convinces the reader to say "fabulous," they are more inclined to share it. And it automatically widens the reach of your content and helps you generate new leads.

      • Use Opt-In Forms

      The opt-in form is the place where you actually ask your visitor to enter their details. Not all your visitors will be willing to give you their details, some need value in return. Or you can about 75% of visitors want something valuable but relevant in exchange. 

      Opt-in forms are specially designed to collect quality leads. When you offer an attractive incentive, your visitors won't step back without entering their email addresses. 

      What should you offer? Well, the exact offer depends on your audience. See what they find useful as a free trial or a discount percent that you can offer. 

      For example, You have baby products, if you can't offer a discount, you can give a free guide on baby care for first-time parents. 

      • Build Landing Pages 

      A landing page is the best place to capture quality leads.

      Try to build an eyecatching and userfriendly landing page, as the quality of your landing page will decide the success of the lead generation campaign. 

      Three things you should focus on:

      1. Clear Message - It should contain a simple and clear message that grabs attention, promotes the value of the offer, and convince the leads to take action. 

      2. Stay Relevant - Try to eliminate all information that is not relevant to your offer. If you don't do so, it will distract your audience while lowering the chances of conversion.

      3. Clear CTA  - CTAs help you deliver the right message at the right time on your website. So it has to be clear, compelling, and well placed on your website.

      • Retargeting 

      Retargeting is the most effective way to attract new leads. In reality, it's impossible to capture all the leads who visited your website. The best you can do is target them through the products they already showed interest in during their first visit. 

      If you re-engage them again with a slightly different message or a special offer, you might see much better results.

      Wrapping up 

      I hope now, you have a much better understanding of - what is lead generation, Where do leads come from, as well as how to generate high quality leads in 2020.

      Now, it's your turn to implement those strategies.

      How do you capture leads?

      Share your experience with us in the comments below.