Quiz Strategy: How To Capture More Leads With Fun-to-take Quizzes

Quiz Strategy: How To Capture More Leads With Fun-to-take Quizzes

Online quizzes are a tremendous way to present your content in the most ironic way. They are not only engaging but also allow you to collect valuable information about your audience. That includes both the contact information gathered such as name and email address as well as the insights derived from the quiz answers. You’ve probably seen them pop-in in your Facebook feed – titled “ what career you are meant for? Which gemstone are you? What are your words of wisdom? What kind of marketer you are? Take a quiz! Quizzes like these gain great popularity, people like sharing their results. Moreover, it’s a simple way to repurpose existing content.

Quizzes are Trending!

Today, more and more brands are using quizzes for this very reason that people love to share and compare the results with their friends and family. Simply go through this quick checklist if you are in a hurry.

  • Think about an attractive topic
  • Get creative with the design
  • Make it user-friendly
  • Make it a bit personalized
  • Offer Incentive
  • Ensure Visibility

For more details, keep reading.

The Best Way To Collect Leads By Having A Quiz?

With the existing technology and tools, there isn’t any explanation for boring quizzes or questionnaires! In just about all research tools, there are handy features to make your life simpler. Moreover, these tools are cheap and do not require technical knowledge to establish a great-looking quiz.

Below are a few ideas you may apply to begin collecting leads using quizzes.

1. Attractive Design

Ensure that your design is attractive. No problem, if you aren’t just a designer the majority of these internet tools, offer great-looking templates that you are able to adapt with your logo and colors. Like MTL – it serves you with different templates you can use them or create your own.


2. Incorporate Multimedia

If you add attractive images, GIFs, or small icons then the experience is better and it becomes more probable that people will take the quiz.

3. Have A Dialogue

Keep it short and write in a conversational tone by using short sentences and words such as ‘you’ and ‘we’. A quiz can be considered as a conversation, instead of a blog article where there’s only one-way communication. If your quiz is a bit lengthy one then you must incorporate motivational sentences like – Halfway through already! How are you feeling? Example

4. Use Innovative & Level Up Personalization

Using functionalities like piping or skip logic, so you can direct respondents through their own path from the quiz. It seems as if the quiz reacts on your own replies and gives an extremely personalized experience.

Piping allows utilizing the replies a person gave in subsequent questions or screens.

Skip logic ensures that the respondent just gets relevant questions. Depending on the answer that you offer, you’re led to various questions. Generating the quiz shorter, efficient and much more personalized really works!

5. Get Creative while Asking for the Email

It can be as simple as adding a text box to fill out your email address. To boost the number of emails you collect consider these points:

  • Ask the email at the end of the quiz, only before revealing the result

  • Inform them that you will utilize the e-mails to send them precious insights — that may likewise be a personalized PDF report

  • Be clear that you Won’t spam and that they can unsubscribe anytime


You have the choice to utilize the e-mail only to send the results of the quiz, or even to use it for subsequent communicating (e.g. newsletter) as well. The end requires a particular opt-in checkbox.

How To Make A Quiz Go Viral?

It is so simple and easy to make your quiz go viral. All you need to consider a few things while creating a quiz:

1.Build Relevancy

Make your quiz relevant to your target audience. For example, if you show a quiz alike “ which anime character you are?” may not be a perfect idea to advertise your shoe firm. You can alternatively ask an extremely important question such as “Which shoe represents your personal style?”

Keep it simple but relevant.

2.Offer Incentive

While running an effective quiz campaign, you must offer an incentive that could be a coupon or a guaranteed entrance to some giveaway. Remember that it’s not all incentive has to be economical.

For instance, if you own a book shop and looking to build email leads for your latest novel, it is possible to assemble a novel’s writer quiz and have your participants offer a free novel or 50% discount on a 100% score. After all, having the ability to brag about your intellect is a large incentive for many true readers.

3. Make It User-friendly

The quiz must be user and mobile-friendly. Some of the vital elements for obtaining a quiz to really go viral are always to make it easy to take.

Moving through the questions should be quick and effortless — on both desktop computers and mobile devices. One research reported that about 53 percent of all quizzes being taken are based on mobile phones! Don’t miss out on this significant part of the pie!

Also, make sure the quiz isn’t difficult to share. Offer buttons allow users to share on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. once they reach exactly the results page.


You need to ensure people simply take the quiz. “If you create it they’ll come” is an obsolete idea. Your audience has so many reasons to ignore it. The burden to turn your quiz campaign successful rests with you.

Displaying the quiz at a high traffic channel could be one measure towards generating desirable outcomes. That could be your homepage, your social media channels or spending money assembling Facebook ads to direct traffic to your quiz.

Wrapping Up:

Quizzes can blow up! Yes, that is so true, but by following these effective steps you can increase your chances at vitality. We have covered a lot of stuff today and hopefully, you got a lot out of it. Now you know can attract potential customers to capture leads. Not only this but also how you can make your quiz go viral like nothing else.

So, you must promote your quiz campaign to drive more targeted traffic.

Have a Good Quiz Day!