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Why E-Commerce Business Make More Money With Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is the SaaS platform that provides digital marketing specialists with an automated solution for the e-commerce sector. It helps marketers grow their business through data-driven email and advertising campaigns.

Klaviyo has developed a system that analyzes disparate data points, often in real-time, on individual customers and prospects, to automate personalized communications. The solution is used by thousands of eCommerce companies to maximize the return on email campaigns.

As you all know, Mailchimp is out of the competition after they announced that they were dropping their native integration with Shopify in May 2019. That was the primary reason

Over 4,900 MailChimp customers have shifted to Klaviyo and grow their revenue by over 45% within their first six months of using Klaviyo.

Six Reasons Why eCommerce Businesses LOBE Klaviyo 

1. Easy Automation:

    You can personalize your emails on everything from customer lifetime value to brand loyalty, and messages can be triggered based on what customers are doing, like making a purchase or signing up in a campaign. You can also create feeds and rules for any situation, and predefined email marketing feeds are available, saving you time.

    2. Super Integration Power: 

    Klaviyo has all the power to be integrated with an expensive list of technologies that you might be using for your eCommerce business. From Shopify and Magento to leading Facebook ads and personalized Facebook audiences, Klaviyo has a stack of integrations that won't disappoint.

    3. Drag & Drop Flow Builder:

      Are you looking to design your feeds and emails for marketing campaigns? Well, Klaviyo's drag & drop editor is a snap to use. Different brand fonts and colors can be applied to workflows. Plus, default templates or uploading your templates and designs are also an option.

      4. Focused Reporting Around eCommerce Metrics:

        With Klaviyo, you can spend less time creating reports and more time managing your business. Klaviyo puts the most crucial electronic marketing statistics in front of you, providing you with actionable information about which emails work best and which ones include the most engaged customers. Quickly determine which emails work and which don't work with open and click tracking, and which customers are most interested.

        5. Klaviyo A Lead Capturing Resource: 

           You need an email list before you send an email. So, Klaviyo provides you with a powerful form generator that allows you to seamlessly add contextual, deployable, and integrated forms to your eCommerce website. These forms can be used for targeted segmentation so that the right person sees the right message at the right time.

          6. Gender-Targeted Marketing

            Klaviyo is here with the most advanced feature of gender prediction. It will help you target gender-specific products and content in a more relevant way than before. You can also utilize it to build segments, filter, and split your email automation accordingly. 

            Email marketing through Klaviyo is the simplest and more effective way to enter the world of automation. It has a clean, user-friendly interface, and building your first automation would be like a breeze.

            Email Marketing Campaigns 

            The most popular email campaign that almost every eCommerce business relies on is nurture series, abandoned cart, and post-purchase. All three are very important and can't be ignored if you want to boost your sales funnel. 

            Let's start with the nurturing series; 

            Nurture Email Series 

            The main focus of nurture emails is to educate and nurture your prospects.

            Nurture emails are great tools to guide prospects through the sales process until they are ready and comfortable to make their first purchase. 

            Ideally, a sequence of five to six emails are sent in a nurture series. 

            Email#1  - Welcome Your Audience - help you build long term relationship

            It's the very first email that you must send right after you capture the lead. According to recent research, the average open rate for a welcome email is 82% as compared to other emails. 

            For example, Helloprint’s welcome email is an excellent example of making the brand human, warm, and welcoming through an introduction to the members of its support team. 

            They played a simple move to make their brand appear friendly from the beginning. 

            Pro Tip: Introduce your team to make your brand look more friendly and trustworthy.

            Email#2 - Tips or Tutorials - Help you to engage with your audience 

            People won't buy your products/services until or unless they know about them. So, the best way to engage your audience is through your product usage tips and tutorials. 

            For example, Airbnb does a standup job to empower their users to utilize their services by giving a step by step directions on how to book accommodations for their next adventure. 

            Pro Tip: Try to include testimonials at the bottom of the email for the product you are trying to  push. Video testimonial is the king - as people trust people, most, so reviews and testimonials are very powerful.

            Email#3 - Value Beyond Product/services

            People strive for value. The value doesn't end with your products/services. If you look at  Email on Acid, they tend to share their coding guides, templates, and other freebies with their users. 

            Email#4 - Allow Your Customer To Interact  - Across other social platforms 

            Customer interaction is the key to a secure and trustworthy relationship.  Try to connect your customers to one or more social media platforms. By keeping your customer restricted to a single platform (in this case emails), you are throwing money straight out of the window. 

            For example, if you look at  Bed, Bath & Beyond asking their subscribers to join their social channels in a fun way. 

            Email#5 - Upsell/Cross-sell Offer Promotion  - Based on customers past behavior

            Upselling/Cross-selling sales are exponentially more effective when based on customers' past behaviors. Simply, decide your offer on the bases of; 

            • What did the individual buy to become his client? 
            • Have you opened another promotional email or visited more pages on your site?


            For example, STRAVA is educating its subscribers about the perks they can enjoy with the premium version. 

            Email#6 - Offer Incentive - A reason to stay 

            Now that you have spent all your time and effort nurturing your new customer, it’s time to offer them something that they can’t reject. Incentives, discounts, or a loyalty program are great ways to keep your customers, your customers forever!

            Final Thoughts

            As a marketer, you need to invest in Klaviyo - an automated email service. One of the primary reasons is, Klaviyo’s email campaigns are backed with statistics and data. That gives you direct access to potential leads that can drive awareness, boost business growth, and increase sales.

            What do you say?

            Why are eCommerce Businesses making more money with Klaviyo?

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