Facebook Retargeting Ads - Type of Audience you must focus on

Facebook Retargeting Ads - Type of Audience you must focus on

Facebook is rolling out with advance and much-enhanced features to reconnect you with your warm audience. It's common most of your first-time visitors leave your site without following one of your call to action, whether that's an email sign-up, purchase, or download. 

About 98% of first-time web visitors don't convert on their first visit. 

The main goal of every social media marketer is to drive visitors back to their website and convert. Facebook retargeting is one of the most powerful ways to re-engage potential customers and improve your bottom line. 

What is Facebook Retargeting? 

Facebook retargeting is a form of advertising to visitors that have already shown interest in your products or service but left your site for some reason. Most websites can convert only 2% of their visitors on average. With retargeting, you're able to keep the excitement of the other 98%.

In Facebook retargeting, you place a pixel on a user's browser. The pixel acts as a cookie and allows you to follow your audience around the web anonymously.

Source: Visiture

Facebook, with the help of pixel data, allows you to serve dynamic ads to the right people at the right time, without creating and tracking a unique advertisement for every single product.

What Are The Dynamic Ads? 

Dynamic ads are the ads that are served to the people dynamically, depending on the actions they take on your website. 

For example, when you surf for a product on Amazon or left in the cart without completing the purchase, the moment you return to Facebook, you see the exact products in custom ads. Don't you? Yes, you might have experienced that many times. Amazon doesn't create those ads manually; they use product catalog and dynamic ad template for that purpose. 

Why Focus On Retargeting Ads On Facebook? 

You might be thinking there are hundreds of places where I can retarget my customers, so why Facebook? 

Well, that because of the better ad results. According to researchers, Facebook retargeting has been proven to better ad results, including better ROI. That indicates in less ad spend you can gain more profit. 

The social media platforms like Facebook are great at boosting ROI because of the success of dynamic ad campaigns. That revolves around the relevance score. Facebook will display ads that capture more qualified leads, hence a better ROI.

Retargeting ads help you receive a high relevancy score - targeting people who are already familiar with you and your products/services and re-engaging them on the bases of their on-site actions. 

How To Retarget Customers Through Facebook? 

Before you create an audience in your Facebook ad account, you need to make sure the pixels are in place. Pixels attached to your ad account will need to be installed – At least two weeks before your retargeting campaigns begin. This pixel will allow you to track specific events, such as page views, abandoned cart, purchases, and search terms.

The moment someone visits your website and completes an event, Facebook collects that information and connects that to a Facebook profile wherever possible. As an advertiser, it will help you retarget the people who've taken some kind of action on your website through Facebook ads.

Four Kind Of Audience You Should Be Retargeting Through Facebook Ads

Now that you have set up pixels successfully to track your customer behavior. Let's move onto types of audiences you must drive back on your site. 

Four kinds of audience you should be retargeting through Facebook ads that you should be using, depending on their actions. 

#1 - Visited A Particular Page 

One of the main categories that you can never ignore is those who visited a specific page of your website. Identify those who viewed a particular page or product on your site, based on the search, decide what products you can push on your retargeting campaign for them.

The best way to shape your Facebook ad is to make it appealing and relevant to your audience. This can only be achieved by understanding your audience's interest. 

#2 - Abandoned Their Cart 

While cart abandoners are the most important to retarget because they were almost in the finish line, but failed to cross it. You can have enough data about these customers by looking at what is in their shopping carts. Personalization is essential if you want to retarget cart abandoners effectively.

You can further attract them to return to your site and resume their purchase by offering them discounts for their carts.

#3 - All Site Visitors 

While retargeting is usually done to more valuable leads such as cart abandoners, there is also worth in reaching out to all of your site's visitors as they all have the potential to be your customers. In reality, not all of them become actual customers, but there is an equal chance of becoming a customer as not becoming a customer. 

However, retargeting all who visited your site does not provide much actionable analysis. Your retargeting strategy would have to be a lot more generic such as a discount.

#4 - Previous Shoppers 

It's 75% easier to convince old customers than new ones. As they already had an interaction with your brand, used your product, and better aware of your services. If you retarget them with an incentive, this will give them a reason to shop again. 

To find your previous shopper > create a custom audience > choose website traffic > include the event purchase.

Final Thoughts 

Facebook remarketing is an essential part of a social media marketing campaign. Personalization is the key to strategize your retargeting ad campaign effectively.

Above are some of the most actionable kind of your audiences that you can tap for your Facebook retargeting campaign.

Now it's your turn to create a winning remarketing campaign. 

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