How To Scale Your Facebook Ads

How To Scale Your Facebook Ads

Anyone who is running a successful Facebook ad campaign knows the feeling of achieving a healthy return. To drive more app installs, to reach new people, and ultimately, to start scaling your ads. However, like most things, scaling comes with risks. 

It’s quite possible that increased daily ad spend could result in negative ROI if done badly and you could end up wasting money. But as we all know, the potential for increased ROI, more customers, and uptake in sales could make the risk worth it for your business.

Are you really going to put in all your efforts just to make $40-$50 a day?

But what if I tell you all the secrets of spending $50 - $500 per day and see the profit blow up accordingly.

Making 10x more doesn’t mean you need to work 10x harder. You just had to push the right keys to generate huge returns.

Whether your aim is to achieve a higher return on ad spend, gain more customers, or increase sales, here are some good tips that best answer your question about how to scale Facebook ads and allow you to successfully reach your GOAL. 

Scaling Tip #1 - Increase The Budget Of Your Winning Ads 

This is the simplest and easiest way how you can scale Facebook ads. All you do increase the budget of the ads that are already performing well. 

But, that doesn’t mean you spend 10x of your budget assuming that it will work. In fact, it will cost you a major loss.

It is the same as you are throwing gasoline on a fire and it blows up in your face. 

Before you spend please note down some points:

  1. To ensure the best results the Facebook algorithm optimizes your ads over time. This is the reason you notice your ad starts performing better as time goes on.
  2. If you increase your budget too quickly, it can destabilize everything and throw off the algorithm, which can cause your ROI to drop considerably. When your ROI drops, you lose money. 

    Honestly speaking, you shouldn’t increase your budget by more than 15 - 20% per day. 

    Once you increase your budget, examine your ad performance. Depending on the extent of your targeted audience, your ROI might not increase at the same pace as your ad spend.

    If you keep recklessly throwing money at it, you may reach a soaking point where you’re spending more than you’re receiving.

    That puts you back at wasting money and living at home. 

    Scaling Tip #2 - Expand Our Targeted Audience

    Expanding the size of your targeted audience grow your reach and help you capture more leads. Don’t expand blindly, only target those who really matter and place your ads in front of your targeted niche. There are two ways you can expand your audience the right way:

    a.Extend Your Lookalike Audiences

    Lookalike audiences- the best tool Facebook has to scale targeting. These lookalike audiences enable Facebook to take your present audiences and find alike users to put your ads in front of. 

    b.Widen Your Location Targeting

    Facebook recently expanded location targeting to allow advertisers to target cities,  provinces, and states in a record number of countries. For global businesses, this is especially helpful. Targeting a global audience is a surefire way to expand your audience at a low cost and reach your most relevant audiences.

    Scaling Tip #3 - Develop New Attractive Creatives 

    While scaling your budget and audience, it is also important that your creativity keep pace. Your audience doesn’t want to see the same content over and over again. Even your high performing creative has to be replaced before it gets dry. 

    Make sure your creative content stays fresh by targeting each specific niche in a righteous way. Personalize your message across multiple ads, optimize creative for multiple placements, and deploy high performing images and videos that resonate with each stage of the buyer's journey.  

    Wrapping Up

    The basic key to scaling the Facebook ad campaign successfully is - Strategy, Strategy, and Strategy! Take these tips and practice them on your ad campaign. Once you master bidding, audience targeting, and creative optimization, you’ll be successfully generating ad campaigns at scale.

    Hope this article helped you figure out - how to scale Facebook ads.  Share your experience with us in the comment section below.