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Social Media Posting App Enough For Your Store?

A successful eCommerce store isn’t just about offering the lowest possible prices or top-notch quality products. It is about gaining the trust of your customers and authority in the niche you are targeting. One undeniably important step is making your social media marketing strategy count. People spend weeks on planning their social media marketing strategy because they know the importance of it and the tough competition that they have to fight out there. 

To make sure that you have a “successful social media marketing venture checklist”, you must take up some mastery course from a reputable place like Era Of Ecom. Such courses can help you learn the basics and bring your attention to all those important factors that will later help you in running your own online business. 

Ecommerce And Auto-Post Social Media Apps - Will This Be Enough? 

There are indeed several tools and apps that will help you boost your online store’s visibility and, ultimately, your ROI. But if you have some business sense, you’d already know that not all tools and apps are going to bring you the benefits you want. 

Some people think using an auto-post social media app for shopify will be enough for their eCommerce business/Shopify store. Well, the fact here is that no, it’s not enough and it never will be. Logically if you think about it, these automatic posting apps are nothing but tools that will schedule your content and post it accordingly. The tools take away the aspect of engaging with your audience, which is the soul of community building.

In a nutshell, relying on these apps means that you are just waiting for an automatic software to work wonders for your store and boost its presence. Does it make any sense to you? Do you really think that automating your posts will help your brand stand out? Well, of course not!

Understanding The Interest Of Your Audience 

One of the most important things for a successful store is that you understand what your audience needs. You should know their likes, dislikes, and overall interests to make changes to your store or products accordingly. Again, relying on chatbots and automated programs won’t help you here, in fact, what you do need is a proper strategy and a plan to interact with your audience. 

There’s a strategy for everything in social media marketing. You need a plan which incorporates humans interacting with humans, to know them, and their views about your brand or your products. These aren’t what you can do with just some software or specifically with some auto-post social media app for Shopify.

Timings For Posts Are Important 

You’ll find several apps claiming to post your content right on when it should be posted. Utilizing these apps will be the same thing as relying on automatic content scheduling software, which won’t bring you any benefit. 

Quick fact check: In the eCommerce industry, the right time to post content varies from niche to niche and from target audience to target audience. Even the demographics and the geographics matter. You cannot expect an automation tool to fine tune all these details for you. 

This is again where you need a legit content strategy. There are days when your audience engagement won’t be up to the mark, and then there will be some days in a week where posting content, from let’s say “1 pm to 6 pm” will increase engagement by tenfold. 

The Right Platform Matters 

Choosing the right platform to market your eCommerce store is another factor that decides where you stand with your efforts. Not all social media platforms will work for you, and this is a fact that you need to get hold of as soon as possible. 

A strategy, a plan, some research, these three things are required to know which platform will be suitable for you to get started with. For some people, Facebook does wonders, and for some, Instagram or Twitter is the right option. It just varies from store to store and niche to niche. 

Putting up content on each platform does help, since we whole-heartedly believe: content is king. However, you will experience different engagement from different platforms, and you will have to decide where to invest more of your time and efforts.

The whole point of jotting this article down is to make you understand that relying and depending on an auto-post social media app for Shopify is not the solution to your eCommerce/Shopify marketing problems. 

You have to get in touch with a pro team of marketers, or you have to learn the basic requirements of starting an eCommerce store and running it successfully, yourself. 

Yes, tools and apps do things easier, they offer convenience and save time, but you shouldn’t leave all your eggs in one basket. The need to understand and strategize social media marketing for your eCommerce Shopify store is imperative.